Magnetic badge holders provide risk-free use for attendees

This week, I want to call attention to a little-mentioned, but truly useful product – the magnetic name badge holder.

The reason I think these badge holders are so magnetic is the fact that they do not disrupt your clothing in any way. The pin style can leave two holes behind, while the clip style can leave a crimp in your shirt. Here, one magnet on the badge holder just needs to be able “connect” with the other, for the holder to work.

And, as with all of our other plastic badge holders, this holder is reusable when used with replacement inserts.

magnetic name badge holder

The magnetic name badge holder is the risk-free way for attendees to display their name badges at your next event.

Do you have a C-Line product that you love to use that is not frequently mentioned on the blog? If so, tell me what it is in the comment section below and I just may blog about it!

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  1. James Samuel Says:

    You are right..Magnetic name badges will not cause any tear to your clothing. Wearers don’t need to worry about the pricking of fingers which generally occur in pinned badges.

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