Product Sighting: Property Management Company Protects Apartment Tour Information with Vinyl Report Covers

July 15th, 2016

Since my recent job acquisition in the city, I have begun taking apartment tours in neighborhoods I’m interested in living in. Upon arrival for an apartment showing, the leasing agent handed me informational papers enclosed in a report cover. After examining the plastic cover, I realized it was a C-Line’s Vinyl Report Cover with Binding Bar.

The report cover was perfect for protecting the 8-1/2” x 11” documents inside, and the combination of the clear finish and vinyl cover helped provide a professional, clean look for the property management company.

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Tip of the Month: Add Comfort to Your Desk Chair at Work

July 7th, 2016

Grade school teachers often find themselves on their feet for the greater part of the school day. The combination of teaching in front of the class to walking from one desk to another assisting students, can really wear a teacher down. With C-Line’s Chair and Stool Cushion, teachers can look forward to sitting in comfort during their breaks throughout the day.

The 17-1/2” x 18” size provides both convenient portability and adaptability to a variety of chair sizes and shapes. There are no attachments to secure the cushion to a seat, so the padding can easily be transferred from one workplace to another, if needed.

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Use Scrapbook Page Protectors to Keep Memories Safe

June 30th, 2016

If you’re an avid scrapbooker, what’s most important is that the content of your scrapbook is kept safe from harm. C-Line offers the Memory Book Page Protector, which has an extra strong binding edge for long lasting use, as well as acid-free protection to preserve photos.

When it comes to scrapbooking, there are no rules. There are no instructions on where to place a picture or what materials to use when decorating. For this reason alone, be creative and let your scrapbook pages be reflective of the feelings those memories provided you.

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Product Sighting: Trading Card Holder Helps to Declutter Boy’s Room

June 9th, 2016

Recently, during a visit to my cousin’s house, I came across a C-Line product. Upon entering her son’s room, I braced myself for the sight of hundreds of his sports trading cards scattered all over his floor. To my amazement his room was the cleanest I’d ever seen.

He showed me that he bought a 3-ring binder to store all his cards in and sure enough the contents were securely protected with a C-Line Collector’s Edition Trading Card Holder.

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Before and After: Basketball Schedule Gets Lamination Makeover to Preserve Longevity

June 2nd, 2016

Keeping documents presentable and organized can be a difficult task for anyone to be consistent at, but this seems particularly tough for high school students. Constantly transferring documents from lockers to backpacks, home and back to school can take a toll on unprotected documents.

C-Line has a solution to keep documents safe and preserved. Our Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Laminating Sheets provide for a clean finish over 9” x 12” documents, while also preventing wear and tear on the paper.

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How to: Keep Your Kid’s Chore Schedule Organized

May 25th, 2016

Isn’t it convenient how children seem to “forget” to do their chores on the days they need to be done? Make sure that can’t be an excuse any longer by displaying their chore schedule in one of C-Line’s Super Heavyweight Plus Reusable Dry Erase Pockets.

This product holds up to 9” x 12” sheets and the dry erase technology makes it very versatile in its application. These pockets come in a variety of colors and the dry erase feature saves paper and time when it comes to creating new chore schedules every week.

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Tip of the Month: Security Wristbands are Not Just for Security

May 18th, 2016

Whether you’ve got a VIP ticket to your favorite concert or bought the “All-You-Can Ride” pass at a carnival, odds are you received a security band to identify who you are. C-Line’s DuPont Tyvek Security Wristbands have a strong peel-off adhesive liner providing a secure fit when attached to the other side of the wristband, making it perfect for visitor and crowd control.

This product can be used for more than security purposes. One unique way to utilize the Tyvek Wristband is to attach it to a child’s backpack to help identify it from other students.

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Product Sighting: Factory Requires Visitor Badges During C-Line Staff Visit

April 20th, 2016

Sometimes visiting with other companies can give ideas on how you can change your operation standards in your business. Recently, several individuals from my company went to visit another company in order to learn how they operate everything from their plant to their shipping department.

Upon entering the building, each C-Line staff member was required to provide a photo ID for verification and sign the guest log book. The receptionist instructed everyone to sign the log and take the visitor badge.
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How to Notify Employees of Daily Assignments and Goals

April 13th, 2016

It is not uncommon for employees that work in factories to have varying jobs on a weekly or monthly basis. Sometimes it may change what machines a company is running or what project they are currently working on.

Communicating with employees is essential to promote productivity in the workplace. Here is how we suggest using the No-Hole Sheet Protector to make employer/staff member communication seamless.

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Q and A: Communicating Safety Policies to Staff

April 6th, 2016

Often times, our customers look to us to make suggestions on how to use our items. Whether they need help for a particular situation or just want more information on how to best use a product, we at C-Line are happy to guide them in the right direction!

Here is a recent question we received from a customer.


In my workplace, there are numerous machines that people operate and run, in addition to a wide range of dangerous chemicals and materials. Safety is a huge focus for us as in employer because there is potential for employees to get hurt if they do not practice proper safety etiquette. How can way keep employees aware of safety practices while still motivating them to stay alert on the job?

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