6 Uses for C-Line’s Storage Box at the Holidays

Got little things you need to store? Especially during the holidays? In those large unruly holiday ornament boxes? Or in those larger-still holiday catchall boxes? If so, C-Line’s got the solution for you! The C-Line’s Storage Box has so many uses for the holidays, it’s hard to imagine everybody hasn’t run out and bought one.

In the C-Line Storage Box, at the top of the box, you will find two wing lids with compartments beneath to hold smaller objects, plus a bigger compartment on the bottom, for larger items. These all have snap shut tops. The hard-plastic Storage Box helps keep small items contained and breakables protected. Below are some possible uses for this Storage Box at the holidays.

  1. Mailing Center: House new Christmas cards under a certain size in the larger bottom box. Put your special Christmas stamps in the top. Put your special holiday pens, with special colored ink, in here. You might also put your self-stick return address labels in one of the containers, to keep everything self-contained.
  2. Ornament Protector: All those little ornaments you want to shield from possible breakage, in the smaller or larger Christmas boxes, are well protected in C-Line’s Storage Box.
  3. Ornament Helper: The wing lid top can secure your ornament hooks, so they don’t get mixed up with everything. Put your glass bead garland in the Storage Box to keep it safe. Maybe you like to save and reuse tinsel, this would be a good place to house it as well.
  4. Ribbon Security: The top of the Storage Box can house small rolls of ribbon. Because the lids secure tightly on the Storage Box, you can be assured that your rolls of ribbon will not end up in a myriad of places in your Christmas box.
  5. Wrapping Box: Put your cellophane gift wrapping tape, in either top or bottom. The Storage Box will keep your scissors from poking around where it shouldn’t. Plus, you can put your ribbon curler inside the box.
  6. Party Favors: Use the box for everything New Year’s Eve. Keep your noise makers and party poppers inside. Put your resolutions inside the box, to check them next year, and see if you accomplished them all. Perhaps you have a special New Year’s Eve CD. Put it in the C-Line Storage Box and you will know where it is when you need it most.

Why not create a holiday Storage Box that you will use year after year, organizing those small, but important holiday items? Let me know what other ideas you come up for using the C-Line’s Storage Box  at the holidays.

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