10 Things You Can Do to Get More Organized

I’ve reviewed many sites and cobbled a list from what I’ve learned. The following site offered some of the best suggestions, some of which are used below: 58 Best Organizing Tips And Ideas From 24 Top Professional Organizers.

Garage filled with various home storage items.
  1. Clean out your closet. It sounds so simple, but you know it’s not. Most professional organizers say you should have boxes or bins with several designations. You can mark your bins with these labels so you know what is in each: a. Keep—items, you plan to keep. b. Donate—in good shape items, you don’t want or need. c. Toss—ripped or torn items, that shouldn’t be sold. Like old undershirts. d. Sell—unworn items, you’ haven’t worn in a year should be donated or sold. The fibers in clothes can wear out over time even if not worn. If it’s a popular brand, in good shape, you might sell it on Poshmark.com or Swap.com. This takes some time and effort. Note: As an aside, you might want to add a “donation” bag in each closet. Label it with a Self-Adhesive Labeling Pocket.
  2. If you’ve binged, purge. People tend to buy too much of everything. Get out of that habit. But if you did buy too much, purge. Don’t just clean out your closets. Do this in your office, in your cabinets, in your drawers, in your bathroom toiletries, anywhere that junk accumulates.
  3. Store infrequently used items like greeting cards in either a file or a folder so that you can access, but which removes cards, so they are not lying around cluttering your desk or drawers.
  4. Put laundry away. Always put your laundry away so it’s not lying on the kitchen table, the back of the sofa, or on the wingback chair. Every time you go to the bedroom take some items from the laundry and put them in their respective drawers.
  5. “Basketize” the Bathroom. Put toiletries that are all over the place in baskets that make sense to group together. Toothpaste, hairspray, mouthwash, cologne. Hairbrushes, combs, tweezers. This way you can move all the items easily when you clean the room. A C-Line Storage Box work greats for things like for hair or dental products.
  6. Label outside. If you have Halloween, or Christmas, or any other holiday decoration, put it all in a bin and label the outside so you know what is inside. Anything you have stored should be labeled. Only put like items in the same bin, otherwise, you’ll have to list 100 things on each label.
  7.  Label inside. Put a label inside a drawer so you know what’s there. Never have a junk drawer that catches everything. This will help keep your drawers much more organized. You might use the C-Line Self Adhesive Labeling Pockets here as well.
  8. Don’t create piles: Do not keep mail in piles waiting to be opened. Open mail over the garbage can and toss out advertisements or junk mail right away.
  9. One Calendar: Use one calendar for everything. A good solution is to create a “family” email box on Google and then create a family calendar. This way you can put everyone’s activities on it, so everyone knows where everyone will be. You don’t have to use Gmail for the family. Just the calendar. You might also print out a daily sheet of everyone’s whereabouts and place it in a Neon Red Shop Ticket Holder on the kitchen counter or on a bulletin board where everyone has access. Using one location and/or calendar will simplify finding knowing where everyone is when you’re looking for them.
  10. It’s never too late to declutter or organize. Tackle one room or part of a room at a time and complete that spot first. Then move onto the next. Don’t move from the room until you need a short break or are done—you don’t want to get distracted and forget your goal. Schedule enough time to get a room done. Plan on 25% more time than you expect it will take. Also, schedule a reward for accomplishing this task—that way you’ll incentivize yourself to get it done!

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