10 Tips to Find Balance Working at Home

(Part 2 of 2)

This is Part 2 of a 2-part blog in which Lindsay Gomez, our Business Operations Manager, offers her top how-to’s for Working from Home. To read Part 1 of 10 Tips to Find Balance Working at Home click here.

6. Stay Connected

You might be thinking about keeping in contact with your family and loved ones, which is fantastic. And it’s just as important to stay connected with your team.

Regular check-ins are vital, ideally a quick 20-minute video call, to see how things are going for them keeps the lines of communication open.

 A lot can get lost in email or text communications, so don’t assume something is being handled or is clear. If you want a confirmation that one of your team members is working on a project you delegated, ask for it. Let them know what you expect.

Also, know that right now, we’re all adjusting to a new sense of normal when it comes to working from home. Allow your team members to find their own way to accomplishing a project or task, even if you’d do it another way.

7. Be Aware of your Surroundings

It all comes back to boundaries and intentionality when working from home because you don’t have the external factors of co-workers next to you or an office open/close schedule to adhere to.

Set boundaries for yourself and be really clear on when “work time” is and when “rest time” is.

You might need to close the door to your at-home workspace to alert others that they shouldn’t interrupt you.

Or buy a smart bulb that allows you to control the color of the light with your smartphone. Then, let your family know that when a specific color is illuminated, you’re deep in your work zone. No interruptions, please.

If every time you sit on the couch, your furry best friend hops up to snuggle with you, be mindful that the couch might not be the best place to crank through your emails.

I’m lucky in that our two dogs are well-accustomed to a work from home routine. They don’t distract me much while working. They know that when I’m in my home office, it’s ‘go’ time.

However, when I switch up my location and work in the kitchen, they want to go outside multiple times during the day, which can be super distracting. So, I’ve learned that working from the kitchen isn’t an option for me.

And, they’ve made a few appearances on a couple video calls, which have added a dash of levity to those meetings. And couldn’t we all use doses of lightheartedness more and more, right now?

8. Dress the Part

I’m a big fan of “acting as if” to start feeling how I want to feel. When I was going into the office each day, I felt confident and productive and had a can-do attitude.

While working from home, I want to continue feeling that same way. And working in yoga pants with my hair in a messy bun doesn’t cut it for me.

So, I’ve been acting as if I’m still going to an office outside of my home. Which means, not working in my pajamas, brushing my teeth, styling my hair, washing my face – all the usual get-up-and-get-ready rituals.

However, I haven’t worn makeup but one time in the last two and a half months, which has been heavenly, and might just stick around when things being to reopen.

9. Take Breaks

You might be able to tell by now that I’m a super champion for routines. And when I was in the office, part of my routine was taking breaks throughout the day to walk around, stretch, grab a snack, say hi to a team member.

That hasn’t changed much, with the exception being that instead of stopping by a team member’s workspace, I hop on Teams (our internal communication platform) to chat with others.

I also walk our pups twice a day, which serves to get them out of the house for exercise and potty breaks and also allows me time to clear my mind before going back at it.

10. Give Yourself Grace

This very moment in time is tricky for everyone. No one has been here before. There isn’t a blueprint for how an entire planet collectively pauses.

It’s okay that you don’t know what to do. Show yourself the same compassion you’re allowing for your children, loves ones, helping professionals and essential workers.

You deserve that same level of kindness to not get each step right. To be a bit unfocused at times. To have questions about the future. To be human.

What about you – how are you finding your new work-from-home normal? What’s going really great? Where are you hitting a speed bump?

Comment below and share your questions with Lindsay. She’s here to help.

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