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Use a vinyl pocket to hold your office accessories

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

The self-adhesive business card holder isn’t a new product and is typically used for holding business cards. But can you think of another use for this vinyl pocket? How about as a flash drive holder in your planner, binders, or wherever you need quick access to this device.

Recycle your storage box with the Gimme 5 program

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

As many people know, most plastics are recyclable, just not in your area.  Some plastics have a high melting point and are, thus, difficult to recycle.  When this happens, recycling facilities won’t accept certain recycling numbers.  One of the hardest plastics to recycle are number 5  (PP) items.  These items are made from polypropylene, much like the majority of the C-Line product line.

The Gimme 5 recycling program is an initiative that helps consumers to recycle their rigid plastic, number 5 containers, such as yogurt cups and hummus tubs. Because many residential recycling programs don’t accept this type of plastic, they have designated certain retail locations for you to drop off your containers.  These locations include Whole Foods markets and select community co-op programs. If you don’t live near a participating location, the program also offers a mail return option.  Through the program, old containers are turned in such things as toothbrushes and razors.

Currently, the storage box is the only product we carry that is rigid enough for this program. When you have used your storage box for the last time, either consider donating it to a local Goodwill store or other local donation center, or turning it in to the Gimme 5 program. And hopefully, the program will be extended to include softer versions of polypropylene so you won’t have troubles recycling your sheet protectors, project folders, etc.

Again, happy Earth Day!

Plastic sheet protectors can be good for the environment

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

When I typically think of a plastic product, very rarely does a term like “environmentally friendly” also occur to me.  Did you know that plastic sheet protectors can be made in such a way that is less harmful for the environment?

Check out just a few of the ways this common office product can help you to help the planet’s ecosystem:

Plastic badge holders can be used as name tags for student field trips

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Typically, I write about ways to keep yourself organized on this blog because it is something I know very well. In daily life, I am a highly organized individual. That changed a little when I spent the majority of last year helping to develop a new product line, with many items focused towards education.

Previously, when I saw name badge holders, I always thought of large convention halls filled with people who know only a handful of other people (if they are lucky). Now, I see another use for this office product – identification tags for children. What I am talking about is using the plastic badge holders during student field trips. (more…)

Tax time organization tips for your papers

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

April 15th is just over a week away.  Many people are or will be scrambling to file their tax returns by the deadline. Do you know one of the major reasons people delay the filing? Yes, it is true that some delay it for strategic financial reasons, but for many it is because they loathe gathering up all the paperwork necessary to file.  Throughout the year, you collect random bits of information that are necessary to file your tax return.  Some people just throw them in a drawer and don’t think about it until the following April. If you are one of those people, here are some tax time organization tips for you: (more…)

Edible, flavored top loading sheet protector

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Happy April Fool’s! If you missed our April Fool’s Day Post,
here it is:

In an effort to remember the less stressful times when we were children, we are introducing the Rainbow-flavored top loading sheet protector.

These rainbow-hued holders look like a standard sheet protector, but taste like a fruit roll. That’s right, these sheet protectors are edible! You will instantly be transported back to your childhood once you see and taste. Each color is a different flavor (some traditional and some more exotic):

red = strawberry

orange = peach

yellow = pineapple

green = sour apple

blue = blueberry

purple = pomegranate

pink = guava

white (binding
strip) = white grape

Rainbow-flavored Edible Sheet ProtectorProtect your documents while also providing a snack with the Rainbow-flavored Edible Sheet Protector.

Keep your documents protected and stored in your binder. Once finished using the holder, just take out the paper to recycle and indulge your inner child in some sweet, fruity deliciousness. Or, skip the document storage all together and just have a snack. Think of it as your fruit break. Remember when those were mandatory?!?!

One added bonus of these new sheet protectors – they smell like fruit too! I use them not only as a snack and to protect my papers, but also as a light air freshener for my office. I find the smells soothing. Sometimes, I get a whiff of apple and am reminded of my childhood days spent apple picking with my family. Other times, I smell the tropical fruits and am taken back to my trip to Hawaii as a little girl.

The Rainbow-flavored Sheet Protector will be coming to a store or website near you later this spring. Buy a pack for your document protecting and a pack for snacking.

If you still want even more information about the Rainbow-flavored Sheet Protector, click here!