2011 C-Line e-catalog now available

A new image is adorning the C-Line website. It is small, green and can be seen all-over. What is it?

2011 C-Line Product Catalog

It’s our new catalog, packed with images and information on our entire product line!

The electronic catalog features easy-to-turn pages, like a paper catalog. You can add bookmarks, to quickly navigate to pages with frequently-referenced products. For instance, say you are a teacher and use dry erase pockets and project folders a lot. Place a bookmark at pages 29 and 22. When you go back to the e-catalog at a later time, the bookmarks will still be there for quick flipping to your favorite products.

It also features built-in links directly to specific pages on the website. Interested in item 38912, the dual pocket hanging shop ticket holder? Simply click on the image of the product on page 14 or the product description on page 15, and a new webpage will open with full product details.

In addition to the bookmarks and links, you can easily print or email the catalog. For printing, you can chose to print the entire catalog, a single page, or a range of pages. Or, email a link to the entire catalog or specific page to yourself, friend, colleague or client.

Also, the e-catalog is fully searchable. If you are looking for name badges, but don’t want to flip through the pages and haven’t created a bookmark for that section, simply search for it. Type your search term in the search box in the upper right-hand area. You’ll then see a popup box with a listing of all the pages where that word appears. Click on the page you want and you’ll be taken directly to it.

Finally, pay special attention to pages four and five, which feature our newest items. This includes the expansion of the plaid expanding product line and the new primary color two-pocket poly portfolio folders, without and with prongs, and index card notebook, all of which have been recent subjects on this blog.

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