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Business Card Holder Makes Information Accessible

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Imagine just wrapping up an important meeting, providing potential clients with a hand-out of the material that was discussed and then tossing them a business card for them to contact you later. This is a standard professional encounter– the exchange of the business card. However, there is no guarantee that your card, which is loose and separate from your hand-out will ever resurface again.

Most likely you are not the only person to meet with this client, which means that they are being provided with pages of material from other companies. With all this information being gathered, it is not a surprise that a small, lone business card can get misplaced in the shuffle.

So how do you avoid losing business over a simple technical mistake? C-Line says attach the business card directly to your hand-out so it can never be lost!


History Lesson Saved With Replacement Inserts

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

A friend, who is a history teacher, recently contacted me about one of our products. In her classroom, she utilizes the pin style name badges on a regular basis. As an approach to gain her students’ attention about the current focus of the class, she has developed interactive ways to get them more involved in the learning process.

So how do the badges help her accomplish that?


Store Maintenance Schedules in Garage for Convenience

Friday, January 6th, 2012

As the New Year begins, resolutions are made in hopes of improving on habits in 2012.  Getting things organized at home and at the office is a common goal when starting a new year. Whether it’s organizing paper work or developing a new system to keep track of things, life can be made much easier by maintaining order.

Products like poly portfolios or expanding files serve an obvious purpose in the realm of organization. However, C-Line has several products that can be beneficial when used in a nontraditional way.