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Color Code, Organize and Keep Info Accessible with Write-on Project Folders

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Without a doubt, one of my favorite C-Line products is the Write-on Project Folders. They are perfect for organizing various projects through the write-on tab and the assortment of colors that are offered. I am not alone in holding this product as a favorite; in fact, one of our employees shared their interest in a previous blog post.

I have seen everyone in the office utilize the versatile project folders in a variety of ways. Some use them to organize documents on a file rack that sits on their desktop. Other employees use them to divide information within a hanging file.


Iconic Badges Make for Good Home Labels

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

When it comes to name badges, C-Line certainly has no shortage of options for individuals to choose from. Arguably our most iconic product, the “Hello my name is” badge was first created by C-Line back in 1959 and still remains to be a popular item.

Typically, we see that the pressure-sensitive badges are used for events ranging in size from a large, national trade show to a small class reunion. It is a perfect way to help identify guests or event attendees. The badges are available in four different colors, which provide additional options for organizers to pick from. The fourth color was recently added in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. The Pink Ribbon badge offers a unique touch to any event.


Neon Holders Organize Leads at Trade Show

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Shop Ticket Holders are one of C-Line’s largest product categories that have a wide selection for individuals to pick from.  With a variety of sizes and styles, they have the ability to be a handy office product that can be used in several instances.

Although the most common use of the shop ticket holders may be within the industrial industry, my coworkers at C-Line have found other valuable uses for the document holders, specifically the colored vinyl ticket holders.


Sheet Protectors Help Identify Documents in Poly Portfolios

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Traditionally, sheet protectors serve one main purpose, which is to provide document storage in three-ring binders. However, what if the document holder was used to organize portfolios so that more important information could be easily identified?

If you’ve read our blog before, then you may be aware that I am currently enrolled in graduate school. Last semester, I used binders and tried to color code my course material by using sheet protectors to organize all the information in one central location. However, for my spring courses, I decided to stick with the basic Poly Portfolio when it comes to storing hand-outs from professors.