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Clipboard Folder Stores and Displays New Recipes

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

When it comes to cooking, I often get bored of making the same meals over and over again. In order to add some new flavor, I resort to searching through several online websites to help spice things up in the kitchen. It is important to have several new recipes on hand, so I typically look every week and print out the ones that look good.

I try not to confuse the new meals that still need to be tested and the ones that have been cooked before.  In the kitchen, there is a large binder that is used to store all of my online recipes that have been successfully cooked and deemed delicious enough to make again.


Slider Pencil Case Used to Store More Than Just Pencils

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Recently, a coworker shared with me a use they found for the Slider Pencil Case. He started to use it for storing loose paper clips. Since these items are so small, it can sometimes seem like you lose track of them or they get scattered easily around a desk drawer.

To avoid wasting paper clips, this C-Line employee ended up storing all the clips in the poly case. The slider case is a compact and secure place to store these small items. Having one location makes it easy to avoid misplacing paper clips.


Multi-Purpose Power Extension and Cord Cover Useful in Any Environment

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Of all the new items that have been added to C-Line’s product line for this year, the Lay-Flat Power Extension and Cord Cover is certainly the most unique. This item is not our typical filing or ID product. Instead, it is a heavy duty item that proves to be very beneficial in a variety of settings.

The features of the multi-purpose extension and cord cover make it a suitable device for the home, office and especially, industrial type of environments. Made from a flexible PVC material, the durable unit makes it possible to use this item even in areas where there is heavy-foot traffic.


New File Jackets Have Unique Write-On Feature

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Many C-Line employees utilize our products to organize their paperwork at the office. One of the most popular products is the Write-on Project Folder. Those who use this product appreciate the full-length tab on the folder, since it provides a large area for details when labeling the file.

Since this write-on feature has proved to be so successful, our marketing department has decided on introducing a new product for 2014 that has similar qualities to the popular project folder. The Write-on Poly File Jackets are capable of providing storage and protection to your letter-size documents, while helping users properly label the file.