3 Ways Plastic Sheet Protectors Keep You Organized

As the year comes to a close, I want you to be more organized in the New Year.  Think about it, almost anyone can use a bit more order in their lives.

So here are three reasons why incorporating the use of plastic sheet protectors into your routine can help you to start to be more organized:

  1. Forces You To Think About Organization – If you commit to using sheet protectors and binders to hold your papers and projects, you can no longer simply throw them in your inbox or on your desk.  You will force yourself to actively think about how you would like to organize and structure your work flow.
  2. Lets You Find Data Fast and Efficiently – If you know where your data is stored, and it is labeled properly, whether with binder labels and/or index dividers, you won’t have to hunt for it anymore. Imagine, your co-worker asks for the recent sales report, and you are able to walk to the binder, flip directly to the page protector and pull out the report, instead of searching through stacks of papers. Given the amount of instances that situation has occurred, you’d be seeing a significant time savings.
  3. Protects Your Documents From You – You won’t have to wonder where that presentation went and think “did I throw that away after spilling coffee on it?”. Or spend time looking for documents that “have gone missing”, only to remember you used one as your napkin during lunch or another as a notepad during a phone call. You can print the document or paper once, put in to the plastic holder and know it will be safe from you.

I hope those tips helped you think about being organized now and into 2011. Sometimes, all it takes is one little change or tweak to a routine to change an overall habit.

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