3 Ways to Maximize Work From Home Efficiency

During this time, we’ve all learned a number of things about maximizing efficiencies while working from home.  Below are three tips to help:

1. Boundaries

Boundaries are a good way to lock down where and when you work at home. I have designated two spaces in my home to work. The first is my spare bedroom office where I have my desk and computer. The second is in the dining room where I escape to, with its large window and streaming sunshine, which is great when I need a break from my office. Because I move from space to space while working from home, I transport files with me. To do this, I use Project Folders to keep all my paperwork together.

2. Workspace

One of my main projects every week is to create a corporate blog for C-Line. I use a checklist in a project folder to make sure I capture the required elements and styles for C-Line. To create my blogs I work in a 1-Subject Notebook with a Hello My Name Is badge, affixed to the brightly colored front cover, that identifies it as my C-Line blog notebook.

I use college ruled notebooks because I have extra line space to write on the pages. The red margin dividers are great as they give me a designated area where I can write notes and ideas. When I’m finished, I input my blog into a word document, then post it.

3. Keep It All Together

Finally, at some point, many of us will all be going back into the office. It’s best to keep all your work documents in folders and organized. To transport them back and forth from the office, one of the best tools I’ve found is a Document Case. It’s great at keeping everything in one place as it holds up to 500 sheets, so it can easily transport my notebooks and other files.

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