3 Ways to Use Display Pockets in the Office

Office workers often have loose leaf papers that includes schedules, directions, rules and several other documents that are used daily. However, these documents don’t always have a designated storage space. Documents that are referenced daily should be protected and placed in visible locations to increase work efficiency. There are no secrets and tricks are not just for magicians, so let me give you three tips on how to use C-Line’s Cubicle Keepers Display Pockets for Fabric Surfaces.

1. Provide Guidance: Post phone directories or map directions on fabric surfaces in various locations throughout the company in display pockets. Employees can refer to the phone directory and transfer incoming calls to other departments, if needed. Also, visitors who need directions can get guidance from maps that are posted on walls.  If you don’t want to use the Velcro-backed grip holder pockets to put up references in the conference room, check out C-Line’s No-Hole Sheet Protectors.

C-Line's Cubicle Keepers Display Pockets for Fabric SurfacesPlace display pockets in visible locations and insert any related referential materials for easy access

2. Store Small Materials: Have a lot of mini articles, clip arts, memo, and many other smaller pieces? Throw them inside the pocket holder and put it up in your cubicle as a little reminder to use them or to complete a task.

C-Line's Cubicle Keepers Display Pockets for Fabric SurfacesOne of our employees stored her notes and clip arts in the display pocket to remind herself to work on art projects she hasn’t completed.

3. Goal List: The display pockets are made of super sturdy polypropylene, which means materials stored inside the pocket will not smear and materials can be viewed from the outside clearly. For this reason, you can insert a goal list at your desk where it can motivate you to grow and learn daily. You can even create a to-do list and use a dry erase marker to cross off tackled tasks.

C-Line's Cubicle Keepers Display Pockets for Fabric SurfacesThis holder is placed near tasks I need to complete to motivate me to complete tasks on time and efficiently. 

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