5 Ways to Use Name Badges at a Bridal or Baby Shower

Summer time is usually busy season for events and important occasions. If you are hosting a wedding or bridal shower this summer, C-Line has some tips on how to make your event an economically, organized affair!

With a wide variety of name badge products to choose from, C-Line makes it easy to customize items to fit the shower theme, while adding personal touches to your event. See how five different products can be incorporated to make your next occasion a success!

C-Line's Name Badges & Holders

1. Nametags: Use the “Hello My Name Is” Badges to make sure everyone gets acquainted with each other. The color variety of the badges helps to coordinate with the shower theme.
2. Food Identifiers: Great for a buffet set-up, create inserts for the Clip Style Name Badges to help guests decipher between the food options. Simply clip the badge to the exterior of the food tray to easily display the edible contents.
3. Table Seating: Looking to have assigned seating at your event? C-Line’s Small Name Tent Cards and Holders are a sturdy, customizable option that provides a personal touch to your event. Templates available to help personalize each card.
4. Floor Layout: Let your guests know where to place their gifts, find seating cards and submit guesses to the shower games by incorporating the Hanging Style Name Badges. Wrap the cord around a decoration or flower vase located on a table to identify the gift drop-off location, for example.
5. Game Entry Tickets: Make the shower even more fun with a few games for the guests to participate in. Use the Replacement Inserts to create submission tickets for guessing games. Customize, print and tear apart with ease due to the perforated edges.

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