5 Ways to Use Sheets Protectors in the Classroom

With paper being so frequently used in the classroom, it’s important to make sure documents are protected. Teachers are constantly printing off directions, rules, homework assignments and a number of other documents needed to keep their classroom running effectively.

With a wide array of sheet protectors, there are a variety of styles and designs to accommodate different classroom functions. C-Line has a few tips to share on how to keep class documents protected and secure!

  1. Lunch Menu: Store monthly lunch menus in the Super Heavyweight Polypropylene Sheet Protectors. With lunch menus scheduled a month in advance, it’s important to display the menu in a durable sheet protector that is able to withstand wear-and-tear. Post them on a bulletin board outside of the classroom so students can always check what’s on the menu the next day as they depart for home.
  2. Completed Homework Assignments: Use the Assorted Binder Pockets with Write-on Index Tabs as homework pockets for students to return completed assignments. Designate each color as a class subject. This makes it easier for students and also improves organization when collecting homework.
  3. Classroom Rules: When kids are talking during class time, simply point to the rules above the chalk board that are proudly displayed in a Super Heavyweight Vinyl Sheet Protector.
  4. Student Evaluations: Designate a drawer to keep student evaluations in. Store these files in Side Loading Binder Pockets. Fill them with good assignments, detentions, improvements or anything parents may find notable to see regarding their child’s performance. When parents come for parent-teacher conferences, each student’s information can be conveniently located in each of these pockets.
  5. Directions: Post directions at various stations throughout the room in No-Hole Sheet Protectors. If students are at the “Computer Station” or “Reading Station”, post procedures so the children know how to log online or check out a book they’re interested in. These clear sheet protectors allow for greater visibility and protection.
Sheet ProtectorsC-Line Sheet Protectors serve a number of purposes in the classroom.

There are a number of ways C-Line’s Sheet Protectors are able to help keep classroom activities organized and efficient. Tell us in the comments below how you would use sheet protectors in your classroom!

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