5 Ways to Use Shelving Labels in the Classroom     

As parents begin shopping for new school supplies, teachers are starting to envision how their classrooms will be set up for the upcoming school year. C-Line has many storage and organization products that can help teachers get prepared.

The Shelf Labeling Strips, however, can be a valuable tool that teachers may not even be aware of. The 7/8” x 4” labeling strips permanently adheres to flat surface and the inserts can be changed by simply sliding the paper out the side of the holder.

Now that you understand this product, here are C-Line’s top 5 suggested uses for this item in the classroom.

  1. Supply Closet: Let kids know where to place their supplies on the first day of school by labeling each shelf.
  2. Classroom Chore Board: Create a chore board and use the labeling strips to identify what student is assigned each task. At the end of the week when it is time to switch roles, simply remove the inserts and rearrange them in other holders.
  3. Coat Hook and Backpack Storage: Direct kids to their personal storage space inside the classroom by using the strips to identify each student’s area.
  4. Filing Cabinet: Orientate the classroom sub to where things are stored by labeling each cabinet and drawer in your desk.
  5. Foreign Language Class: Help the students get more acquainted with the language they are learning by labeling common item seen inside the classroom, such as the door, desk and chalkboard.

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