6 Uses for C-Line’s Storage Box for School Supplies

There is always a need for organization and storage for your school supplies. The C-Line Storage Box has many different uses in this regard.

  1. Office Products. Store, paperclips, binder clips, rubber bands, and other supplies. Okay, so this was mentioned in both Home and Office, but we all need them for school too. But C-Line’s Storage Box is the perfect solution for all these needs!
  2. Pencils. I know, I know, pencils were mentioned in a previous article on the storage box. But you probably would only be using pencils for a few reasons in the classroom. One, you have a child doing arithmetic. Two, you are a child doing arithmetic. Three, you’re an artist. Or four, you draft. In any of these situations, you’d probably want to keep your expensive pencils (or not so expensive pencils) separate from other supplies. Because pens leak and pencils chafe (at least they leave graphite deposits on things) it might be a good idea to separate them from each other.
  3. Drafting Supplies. Perhaps you are taking drafting classes using mechanical pencils. Plus any other supplies you need to learn this skill. While a T-Square and a scale ruler won’t fit in the Storage Box, other tools, like an eraser, pencil sharpener, and some architectural templates will fit easily.
  4. Math Supplies. Sure, pencils were mentioned. But what about a compass. They get mighty pokey at times. With C-Line’s Storage Box, you might save yourself a few puncture wounds. And you can easily fit a calculator in your Storage Box too.
  5. Projects: Often there is a need to keep small items. Sometimes you need to create flashcards. This is a great place to store them. Or if you need to use 3 x 5 Index Cards, you can store them in here. What better way to transport and not lose them, or prevent them from getting all bent?
  6. Gift Card Storage: The ones you pass out to all your college teachers because apples are so passé. Plus, a bribe never hurt to raise that grade. Just kidding!
  7. Teacher Supplies: Maybe you’re a teacher and you need a place to put important things like smiling clown-faced stampers and ink pads, or adhesive stars for good work. Or maybe you need a place for bandages or tissues and other necessities in the classroom.
CLI48500 C-Line Storage Box

The uses for C-Line’s Storage Box are vast. You can probably think up many, many more. Just think inside and outside the box. Then buy one today! You will find a way to use it in so many ways.

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