60 Plus Items to Check Off — The Home Maintenance List

My sister called the other day and rattled off a list of things she needed to do around her house before winter settled in around Chicago. If she got these done, she could feel confident her house was in good repair before it snowed. I realized that, although I live in a condo, I also had maintenance items I needed to finish. That’s when I decided a list was in order. While many lists are just a piece of paper, I decided it would be a good idea to create a list (with several copies for future use) that would get housed in a binder, along with repair and maintenance contacts that I used and trusted. This way I could refer to my list seasonally with all my important documents in one place.

I decided to use a bright Sunny Yellow Tropic Tone 3-Ring Poly Binder that was 1-1/2”. Inside I’ve used a clear Binder Pocket to house blank Maintenance Schedule Checklists plus a separate blue Binder Pocket for the completed checklists, plus Binder Pockets with Write-on Index Tabs to house my maintenance information (under the tabs, Appliance, Interior, Exterior). If these sections get too full, I will use some clear binder pockets to hold additional documents. 

Below are pictures of what my binder looks like. If you’re following along, I’ve attached the maintenance schedule template I created for Spring/Summer, Winter/Fall and Both Seasons (things that should be done at least twice in the year). You can put all the documents into the respective pockets like I have done or change it up and just create two binders, one for Spring/Summer and one for Winter/Fall (especially if you have a lot of documentation). Just color code them so you know what each color means.

Let me know if you’ve enjoyed this “How To” project and if there any specific ones you might like to see.

If you’d like you can download the Maintenance Schedule.

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