8 Uses for C-Line’s Storage Box at Work

C-Line’s Storage Box is great to use in the office. Below are 8 different uses for C-Line’s Storage Box in the office.

  1. Office Supplies. Put paperclips, binder clips, rubber bands and other supplies in the Storage Box. Anything small in your office can go in here.
  2. Sticky Notes. I use a lot of them and can easily fill up a Storage Box with just sticky notes in all their permutations.
  3. Travel Toiletries. If you’re traveling for work this might be a great extra. While the Storage Box is probably not waterproof, it’s a great extra barrier with a sealed plastic bag to protect your clothing from toiletry leakage in your luggage.
  4. Computer Cords: If you need to bring stuff to meetings like the power cord or the connector cord or your mouse, use this box. It will keep everything organized.
  5. Business Cards. This box will likely fit into your desk drawer better than the long narrow business card box. You be the judge!
  6. Batteries: You need batteries at work as well as at home. It’s great to organize larger and smaller batteries alike, and not have them rolling around your desk drawers.
  7. Dry Erase Markers: Sure, they’re pens, but so different. You probably only need these for work or if you use a dry erase sheet. So, it’s great to know your dry erase markers are safe in one place. Think about all those times you tried to figure out which markers were permanent, and which were dry erasable. Ever make a mistake? So, you’re the one who left that grey ghosting on the dry erase board in the conference room! By putting them all in one Storage Box, you always know which ones are dry erase and which ones are not.
  8. Pencils. I know, I know, pencils were mentioned in a previous article on school. But you probably would only be using pencils at work for a few reasons. One reason is you’re an artist or designer. Or you still use pencils so you can erase your work (think accountants!). Another is if you are a draftsman (though much of this is done with CAD, some people probably still like pencils). In some of these situations, you’d probably be using expensive pencils that you might like to keep separate from all your other office supplies. Placing these in C-Line’s Storage Box is the perfect solution.

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