A Before and After Look at the 13-Pocket Ladder File

Sometimes the best way to see how a product can be beneficial is to look at how someone stores files or information before a C-Line product was used. To show how valuable the 13-Pocket Ladder Expanding File can be, take a look at “Before” and “After” the product was in use.


C-Line's Write-On Project FoldersThe Write-On Project Folders are unorganized and piled one after another on the desktop unit.

Here is a view of one of C-Line’s employee’s cubicles. It is catalog review season, and this staff member has to manage a lot of files and keep the information accessible.

Instead of storing in a filing cabinet, the information is stored in project folders and placed on this two-shelf desktop file. As you can see, this unit does not seem to be able to handle all of the paperwork. Not only does it look sloppy, but it takes this employee time to look through the folders and locate a particular file.


C-Line's 13-Pocket Ladder Expanding File, Letter SizeThe ladder design makes the tab labels visible and keeps documents accessible even while sitting at your desk.

Can we say organized!

Since the ladder file can sit upright on a desktop, or any flat surface, the information is much more accessible. The 13 pockets allow the employee to divide up all the folders to make it easier to search and find specific information.

When it comes to attending meetings on the reviews, this staff member can simply close the front cover and secure with the button closure. Within seconds, this file goes from stand-up filing to a transportable document case.

This item is a new addition to C-Line’s line of expanding files. The blue color and stitched edging gives the file a unique look that can match in with office décor.

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