A Look at New Items for 2013, Part 2

C-Line has a wide selection of name badges and ID accessories. However, this year we have decided to take this category to another level by adding everything from ID badge holders to card reels to lanyards. C-Line developed several varieties of each product in order to provide customers with a wide selection of products.

C-Line's DuPont Tyvek Security WristbandsFive vibrant colors to choose from!

DuPont Tyvek Security Wristbands

While C-Line offers a variety of name and visitor badges, we wanted to provide additional solutions for visitor and crowd control situations. The single-use, waterproof security wristbands provide an economical way to maintain control and track individuals at large events, school field trips, etc.

The DuPont Tyvek Security Wristbands are available in five different colors. This enables teachers to utilize the colors to mean various things. Additionally, since the bands are sequentially numbered, it allows for the wristbands to be tracked.

C-Line's Zippered ID Badge HoldersZipper seal protects ID badges while in the badge holder.

Badge Holders

C-Line has added eight new selections when it comes to ID badge holders. They vary in size, specialty features and orientation, but all of them are designed to help badges stand up to daily use. PVC-free polypropylene holders range in size from 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 to 4 x 3 and are available in vertical and horizontal styles.

The specialty features offered include a zipper seal on the holder, which is ideal for rough environments since the additional closure provide extra protection. One of the holders includes a pre-attached clip, so no lanyard or card reel is necessary if the ID card must be worn and displayed.  The proximity holder allows cards to displayed and scanned without removing the card from the holder.

C-Line's Standard LanyardsThree color choices for the standard round woven nylon lanyard.


All of our badge holders are prepunched to accommodate various accessories, allowing the ID card to be displayed. C-Line has expanded the line of lanyards to provide a larger selection.

The standard lanyards, available in three colors, have the traditional swivel clip option, which can securely display IDs without damaging clothing. The primary difference with the flat lanyard is that it the nylon is woven flat, allowing it to fall flat against the body.  The final addition provided an extra safety option, which is ideal for specific workplaces or schools. The breakaway lanyard has the ability to break apart if it gets snagged or is pulled.

C-Line's Translucent ID Card ReelsAdd some color by using the translucent ID card reels.

ID Card Reels

If the lanyards are not your style, the card reels provide a more discrete approach to displaying ID badges. Whether you prefer a standard belt clip approach, enjoy the unique swivel clip or split ring options, C-Line has you covered.

All of the card reels have retractable cords, allowing for the ID to be swiped and scanned without removing it from the holder. The badges are secured to the card reel with a snap-on strap, which can be used on prepunched badge or with a holder. Add some color with the translucent assorted reels or keep it professional with the black option.

Well, there you have, all of C-Line’s new additions for 2013! What are your thoughts on the new products? Share with us below!

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