A Look at Products Used Throughout the Office

While thinking about ideas for this week’s blogs, I started noticing so many of C-Line products being used throughout the office. So this week, here is a look at how we, here at C-Line, use our own products!

C-Line's Magnetic Shop Ticket HolderMany magnetic shop ticket holders are used to store holiday schedules or directories on filing cabinets.

Magnetic Shop Ticket Holders

Undoubtedly, one of the most commonly used products throughout the office is the Magnetic Shop Ticket Holder. Almost every filing cabinet or metal factory door has at least one of these holders. They allows documents to remain visible by storing them directly on any flat metal surface. These are ideal for posting signs or storing documents that are used often.




C-Line's Time's Up! Visitor Registry LogAdd an additional security feature to your office building with the self-expiring visitor badges.


Visitor Station

When you first step into our office building, this is what you see. In order to keep our building secure, we require all visitors to fill out the self-expiring badge and wear it at all times in the building. The Times Up!® Self-Expiring Visitor Badges with Registry Log keeps a record of all badges created, so that we can look back on past visitors. The Large Name Tent Card is used to great visitors and explains our badge procedure.



C-Line's Peel & Stick Dry Erase SheetsUse the templates to create customized To-Do Lists and more.

Dry Erase Sheets

I’m a list maker, no doubt about it. As each week passed, I found myself going through a lot of paper as I updated my To-Do list and tracked the progress. Fortunately, C-Line has letter size dry erase sheets with self-adhesive backing, so I could keep my list visible, but still reuse the page. The format of this page was taken directly off C-Line’s template page.




C-Line's Stitched Dual Pocket Shop Ticket HoldersThe holder has created a storage area for random, but necessary items to be stored in the sample room without taking up space.

Stitched Dual Pocket Shop Ticket Holders

Since our employee sample room does not have a general office supply area, this shop ticket holder stores pens, paper clips and our catalog for reference. Many people run to the room to grab a product and forget a pen or product number so the holder comes in handy quite a bit. The notebook is used to track what samples need to be reordered, making the dual pockets a necessary feature for us.






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