A name badge holder that helps protect the environment

About this time last year, C-Line introduced a new type of name badge holder to the product line. In case you missed the introduction, the product was the biodegradable name badge holder.

Bio name badge helps save the environmentThe bio name badge holder features three hanging options and an additional additive in the poly that causes it to biodegrade in two to five years in anaerobic landfills.

The biodegradable name badges look like the other plastic name badge holders. There is one main different though – the polypropylene used in the name badge holder contains an additional additive that allows it to biodegrade when tested according to the ASTM D5511. ASTM testing indicates this product will biodegrade in two to five years when buried in an anaerobic landfill. Because of the wide variation in landfill systems, actual timing may vary. One more thing about this name tag – it is also recyclable and compostable – BONUS!

The badge doesn’t have a clip, pin or magnet attached to it, but does come with a hanging cord, plus a few handy holes that increase your hanging options.  The three round holes across the top, allow you to use the holder with a pin. But the other funky-looking cut-out at the top lets you slip the badge onto any shirt button. I’ve blogged about that neat feature before, while talking about meeting introductions.

In addition to the product being environmentally friendly, the packaging is, as well. The product is packed in SFI certified packaging. This means that the paper used on the packaging came from a forest with responsible forestry practices.

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