A New-fashioned C-Line Catalog

The web is great, but sometimes it is just easier to look at an old-fashioned catalog when you are looking for something.  Well, C-Line has added a new e-catalog to the c-lineproducts.com website I would call a new-fashioned catalog.  This new C-Line catalog is a combination catalog, flash animation and pdf file maker, and it has some really neat features.C-Line Products Catalog Cover

This 2009, 60th Anniversary catalog allows you to flip through pages so you can see our products just as they appear in the printed edition of the catalog.  In addition, you can search the catalog, add custom bookmarks to the catalog and, best of all, link from any page in the catalog right to the product on the website.  You can even download a pdf copy of a page from the catalog (or a range of pages) to store on your own computer or print out for your records.

Say, for instance, that you are a meeting planner and regularly reference the C-Line products you use when organizing a meeting.  Item 95543 is a plastic name badge holder you use for all your meetings.  Item 87507 is a name tent holder that you use for all your panelists.  Here are some of the things you can do with the new e-catalog.  First, search for 95543.  Then click on the page showing the badge in your results.  Next, use the bookmark feature to add a bookmark to the page.  That way, the next time you go to the catalog, you can turn right to the page you bookmarked.  Next, use the note feature to add a note to the page so you can remember things like which free c-line template you use when making these badges.  Then add a bookmark to the 87507 page as well.  You are the only one who sees your own bookmark and you see it anytime you return using the same computer.

Another great feature is the e-mail feature.  You can send a copy of the page to your client so they can see it.  Finally, you can click right on the link that is part of the page and go right to the C-Line website where you can see the product and search for a dealer near you.

This new-fashioned C-Line catalog really is a great combination of old and new.

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