A report cover showcases style and demands attention

Why would you spend days, maybe weeks, working on a project or presentation, only to hold it all together with a simple paper clip or staple.  That certainly doesn’t give it the attention it deserves, does it?!? Let anyone receiving your masterpiece know how important it is by putting it in a report cover.

vinyl report covers with binding bars
A vinyl report cover gives your presentation a touch of polish and professionalism.

The punchless vinyl covers come in a variety of colors to choose from. Want to shock the reader? Pick the red cover.  Looking for something a bit more professional? Choose the blue or smoke options. Think that yellow is the color of the season, use one of those.

Each box of colored covers comes with 1/8″ binding bars, or “bones” as we call them internally.  Bones of this size hold up to 20 sheets of paper.  But what do you do if your report is a bit longer than that? Use a larger bar, that is.  With sizes up to 1/2″, which holds up to 60 pages, you should have no problem fitting your entire report.

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