A vinyl envelope for every reason and season

Vinyl envelopes are so versatile that you can find a use for them practically anywhere – around your home, on the go, at the office or in the shop.

Around The Home

Create a bill-paying organizational system for your household. When bills arrive, place them in a vinyl holder, until it is time for them to be paid. Keep the envelope in the same place, such as on your desk. (You won’t have to hunt all over the house to locate your water bill next time it is due; you will know exactly where it is.) Once paid, file the paid invoice in your file drawer, box or cabinet.

On The Go

While traveling, a vinyl envelope makes for a perfect travel document carryall. Plane tickets, itineraries, passports, reservations and more fit nicely into the 6 x 9 size. Use the envelope with the tuck-in flap option to secure all contents inside.

At The Office

When you have frequently-used papers on your desk, such as a phone list, make sure they remain protected. Keep these important papers in the 8 1/2 x 11 size envelope. If you pages will be changed frequently, such as on a monthly basis, use the envelope without the flap, for ease in document removal.

In The Shop

The plastic envelope protects documents, schedules, manuals and more in any industrial environment. Keep the contents dirt and dust-free while you work.

And don’t forget, a vinyl envelope can double as a gift card holder.

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