Add a Pop of Tropic Tones™ Colors to the Office Collection

Winter always seems to feel a bit longer when it is approaching spring season. Don’t let the cold weather keep you down. C-Line has made a bright and cheerful update to help add trendy colors to your office products collection. One of our products that has received this new makeover is the 3 x 5 Index Card Cases.

Out with the old, and in with the new. The Index card cases now come in Seaside Blue, Sunny Yellow, Seafoam Green, Sunset Red, and Sandy Gray. Is this making you dream about those pretty spring flowers? Or even imagining being on a sunny beach?

C-Line's 3 x 5 Index Card CaseFrom Left to Right, the Tropic Tones colors are Seaside Blue, Sunset Red, Seafoam Green, Sunny Yellow, and Sandy Gray.

Make organizing your index cards fun with style. The Index Card Case allows you to sort anything from recipes to flashcards. With the card case, I would have quick access to the information needed and be able to sort cards easily.

If you find keeping all your 3 x 5 documents grouped together can help you work efficiently, then here are a few features of this Index Card Case that can help you organize:

  • Snap closure: Secure all 3 x 5 documents, making it easy to travel with the card case or transport your documents anywhere you need to go.
  • Write-on Tab Labels: Create categories within the card case to help divide up the information for easy finding.
  • Ruled Content Card: Use this to identify what subjects or categories the card case contains.
  • Assorted Colors: Identity the card case contents based on its color.
C-Line's 3 x 5 Index Card CaseLabel the write-on tabs to keep your index cards organized .

The 3 x 5 Index Card Case is great to have to sort small papers or notecards, and never have trouble finding them. Plus, a pop of Tropic Tones™ Colors can help brighten any workspace.


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