Add an extra touch to your presentation with a report cover

How many times have you gone into a meeting and had papers passed out to all attendees? And then, after the meeting is over, many of the papers are left on the table? When creating a report, presentation, meeting handouts and documents of that type, it is sometimes difficult to make the information standout or truly convey just how important it is.

With the use of a report cover, not only does your data standout against papers that have simply been stapled or paper clipped together, but it also says to the reader, “Hey, I’m important here, so pay attention to me!“.

So, where to begin when selecting a report cover? You have a few options available, so choose the one that best meets your needs or preferences.

Vinyl or Polypropylene

Assorted Color Vinyl Binding Bar Report Covers

These vinyl report covers in assorted traditional colors feature a binding bar for a polished look for your presentation.

Punchless report cover in fashion colors

The poly report cover shown above comes in fashion colors and features a swing clip to hold your document in place.

Some people prefer to use only poly products, while others like the durability of vinyl. With your presentation materials, you can have your cake and eat it too, as they are available in both materials.  Most vinyl report covers feature a see-through finish, while only the clear poly cover does. So if clarity is what you are going from, you may want to stick with vinyl. And if you have your mind set on a non-see-through vinyl cover, check out the non-glare version.

Clear or Color

To really make your presentation stand out, consider using a color report cover. The vinyl covers come in a variety of traditional colors that include red, yellow, green, blue, smoke or gray and clear. The poly report cover is available in fashion colors such as purple, lime green, pink, blue and black.

Binding Bar or Swing Clip

Some users really don’t have a preference on color or finish, but do when it comes to the binding system. Luckily, there are two to choose from. The traditional binding bar or backbone is separate from the cover, and is used by sliding it along the edge of the cover once all papers have been inserted. The swing clip of the Clip ‘N Go report cover is permanently attached to the cover. It can be easily swung in and out to accommodate quick page changes.

When it comes down to it, which do you prefer? Comment below.

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