Add-On Filing Pocket Instantly Creates Extra Storage Space

Have you ever wanted to take an office product and tweak it just a little so it works better for your needs? While customizing a company’s product is very unlikely to happen, there are some occasions when it is possible to make slight variations.

C-Line understands this, and that is what they have developed the Add-On Filing Pocket. The durable polypropylene material provides strong, durable document protection, while working to increase storage space within file folders, binders and report covers.

So how is the add-on pocket beneficial?

Take a standard three-ring binder, for example. Many of our sales reps create individual trade show binders that they bring with them to each show. They include everything from their accommodation reservations to the show’s shipping information by organizing the documents with sheet protectors and index dividers.

C-Line's Add-On Filing PocketThe Add-On Pocket added extra space so the rep stored the updated agenda and badge.

Even though the binders include possibly everything they will need, there is still information that changes or new documents that are provided while actually at the show. Instead of having to loosely store documents in the binder, the add-on pocket provides a secure location for the additional paperwork to go.

The pocket’s self-adhesive backing allows it to stick directly front or back inside cover of the binder. The size is 8 3/4 x 5 1/8, so the holder is able to store letter size documents. Typically, it will fit into standard size ring binders, in addition to many other types of office products.

By using this, the reps can instantly create a back-up storage space for any new information that is provided to them. At the very least, they have a nice place to store their show ID badge at the end.

Have you ever needed an add-on pocket file before? Share with us your experience below.

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