Adhesive Pockets Can Withstand Everyday Office Blunders

At the office, we have a coffee maker that is not automatic; you need to add the water and coffee grounds to make a fresh pot. It is not as easy as just pressing a button. After months of coming in to find people would not make a new pot of coffee after taking the last bit at 8:00am, I got a little frustrated and decided to make a sign.

Given the set up of the break room, I need away to post this sign where everyone could clearly see it, but that was more permanent than just paper and tape. Enter the adhesive pocket!

The antimicrobial protected peel and stick display pockets were exactly what I was looking for. Since my experiences with an empty coffee pot was a common occurrence, I knew the sign needed to stay on display for more than a few days. But with the way the coffeemaker is in the room, placing the notice on the wall, was just not an option. It offered too many people an out, where they could say “I just didn’t see the sign”.

So, I placed the sign in the plastic pocket and stuck it on the counter, in front of the machine. Now, no more excuses, if you didn’t make that new pot of coffee, you were just being rude! The holder also protected the sign from being torn or ripped off by people making their daily cup of coffee.

Then, last month, someone added a little too much water to the coffeemaker and the pot overflowed during brewing. No problem for the display pocket, though. The paper notice was ruined, as you can see below. But the plastic holder was just fine. I reprinted the notice and put it in the old holder, and we are back in business.

adhesive display pocket after the spill

Above is a picture of the adhesive pocket after the spill. The sign is ruined, but the pocket is still holding strong.

adhesive display pocket with a new sign

Here is a picture of the same pocket, but with a new and clean sign.

And I am happy to say that instead of the empty coffee pot conundrum being a daily occurrence, it now only occurs about once a month!

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  1. Grace Says:

    Great idea! I like that they are antimicrobrial

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