“Aloha” Name Badge Inspires Hawaiian-Themed Halloween Party

Here in Chicago, holiday season brings cold, wet weather that makes us almost forget how beautiful our summers can be. Even though our weather has been mild, it will inevitably get chilly and with Halloween just around the corner, I decided to kick off holiday season in a different way then I usually do.

Instead of doing a typical costume party, we decided to make it more of a themed event. To help delay the chilly effects of fall and winter, I decided to throw a festive luau for our Halloween party.

The original idea for this unconventional party came to me after coming across the C-Line “Aloha” Name Badges!

It all started when I was looking in C-Line’s sample room for name badges to use at our party. Sometimes with everyone dressed in costume, it can be difficult to determine what the person is supposed to be. I have found in the past that using the Pressure Sensitive Badges helps to eliminate any confusion.

C-Line's Pressure Sensitive Badges, AlohaThe badges are very similar in style to other C-Line pressure sensitive name badges.

I wanted to avoid the ones I used last year, so I started looking through the wide selection that C-Line has available. That is when I stumbled upon the “Aloha” Name Badges. Once I had them, I knew that I wanted to change the whole theme of the party to match these badges.

Another benefit to using these badges is that they provide a quick refresher of everyone’s actual names, since I have our guests write their real name in the bottom right side of the badge. Many of these people only see each other a once or twice a year, so the badges ensure no one forgets anyone’s name.

The 3 1/2 x 2 1/4 size badge has a red top and bottom border, make the text “ALOHA my name is” stand out. The blank area in the middle of the badge provides enough space for the guest to write what their costume is, in addition to their real name.

The peel off backing makes it especially easy to peel the badge away from the backing. This will be even more convenient for our Halloween costume clad guests.

The “Aloha” badges were not the only Luau details that we will be including at the party. Hawaiian inspired decorations, glasses and games will also be a party of this Halloween celebration. There will even be a contest for who has the best “tropical” costume!

Who knew a simple name badge could inspire so much? I am looking forward to this non-traditional Halloween party. Have you used C-Line’s products at any one of your events recently? Share with us your thoughts below.

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