And, BSA’s Innovation of the Year “General Business” Product Award Goes to…. C-Line!

One of C-Line Products newest additions is a line of plaid designed expanding files and portfolios. This fashion line has been very well received among C-Line customers, and it has become a popular item in a relatively short time.

In October, C-Line participated in the Business Solutions Association’s (BSA) annual forum. As in past years, BSA presented four awards that aimed at shedding light on “excellence” within the office supply industry. C-Line received the award for the 2011 Innovation of the Year “General Business” Product for the Plaid Fashion Design Pattern.

According to a press release by BSA, Vice President Mike Wilbur said, “BSA’s annual awards program acknowledges the companies and individuals who have contributed to the associate and the business products industry in general. We’re pleased to recognize the achievements because the winners have truly supported the role of the wholesaler, independent dealer and representative on many different levels within the marketplace.”

C-Line is very pleased to receive such positive acknowledgement of the fashion line.

About the Product

The fashion line features six items that vary in size and offer different ways to store documents. What makes these products so unique is their eye-catching grey, white and orange plaid patterned design, with black and white accents.

Regardless of whether you are more prone to using a document case over an expanding file, the plaid products allow you to add chicness to everyday office products.

Do you have a favorite plaid product? Tell us which one it is and how you use it!

C-Line wins BSA 2011 Innovation of the Year Award

C-Line is proud to accept the BSA’s 2011 Innovation of the Year “General Business” Product Award!

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