Archival Poly Sheet Protectors Organize New Employee Training Materials

You may have heard that recently, we added a few new employees to our staff.  Well, when those two employees came onboard, they were giving a week of training on the various facets of C-Line, as well a binder of materials to accompany the training sessions. To the ensure the binders would be organized and that the materials could withstand daily referencing, a variety of archival polypropylene sheet protectors were used.

The various sheet protectors all serve a purpose in keeping the new employees organized:

  • Heavyweight Poly Sheet Protectors – The most popular sheet protector will provide extra durability for the permanent storage of these training materials.
  • Sheet Protectors with Index Tabs – To make referencing certain information easier both during the training week and afterwards, the tabbed sheet protectors were used to designate new sections.
  • High Capacity Sheet Protectors – Because some of the materials in the binder were longer than a page or two, like the 2011 C-Line catalog, the larger capacity holder was a must to round the collection of protectors used.
archival polypropylene sheet protectors in a binder

The training binder uses heavyweight sheet protectors, high capacity holders, and page protectors with index tabs, to keep the new employees organized now and for the future.

Since the binders were put together with polypropylene sheet protectors, the new employees will be able to reference the materials, as well as add and change out the information when needed. The archival quality of the material means there will be no copy transfer from the page to the plastic. For instance, if a current document is replaced when a newer version, there will no worries of the ink lifting off the stored pages and sticking to the sheet protector, as a constant reminder of what used to be in the holder.

How do you prepare materials and manuals for new employees in your organization? Tell me about in the Comment section below.

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