Archival sheet protectors help show thoughtfulness in gift giving

The holidays are coming up. Have you figured out what to get everyone on your gift list? I know it may seem early, but the holiday festivities will begin next month. So with that thought, would you like a homemade gift suggestion? Consider creating scrapbooks, recipe books or memory books for the special people in your life!

  1. Decide on who you want to give a special gift like this to.
  2. Next, think about the person’s interests and personalities. Would they like book that looks back on a specific time or event? If so, a scrapbook or memory book may be best for that person. Or, would they rather have something they could use on a daily basis, such as a recipe book?
  3. Once you have figured out the type of gift, gather together all the pieces you will need to create it, such as photos, recipes, newspaper clippings, paper, stickers, sheet protectors, and more. Don’t forget the album itself!
Archival page protectors Archival page protectors keep the homemade books your make protected for years to come, like the page above.

When pages are completed, put them into archival sheet protectors, so they that last. C-Line’s selection of poly page protectors will show off your thoughtfulness, while also offering archival quality, acid-free protection that won’t yellow, stick to photos or transfer ink.

For a holiday gift three years ago, I created a wonderful and large recipe book for my sister. It was filled with family recipes, as well as those found in magazines and online. She loved it so much, she cried! All recipes were put into clear sheet protectors, keeping them safe from kitchen spills and messes. Jen still uses the cookbook to this day.

If you go the recipe book route, start compiling recipes and cooking tips and tricks.

If you are thinking the scrapbook would better suit your gift recipient, be sure to check out the articles on creative design tips and protecting and preserving your pages.

Good luck!

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