Back to the Office

During the pandemic, we’ve all been faced with the challenge of working from home. Now we’re faced with the new challenge of going back into the office, either part- or full-time. If you’re like me you’ve probably brought home a number of files and documents that you need to carry back to the office.

But how do you do this, so your files stay organized and the filing tools look good. You could opt for one of C-Line’s expanding files, or another great option is the Expanding File with Handles.

It’s not exactly a briefcase. It’s better!

An ordinary briefcase might have two or three sections inside where you would place your documents and files. Inside the Expanding File with Handles you can categorize your documents inside 13 pockets. The colorful tab inserts are included and allow you to color-code your pages. Plus, the Expanding File holds up to 300 sheets of 8-1/2 x 11 pages. The hook and loop closure keeps all your documents safe and secure as you transport them to and from the office.

But the Expanding File with Handles is not just functional, it’s fashionable too! It’s handles and soft-sided fabric finish give it a very professional look and feel.

Got paperwork? Get the Expanding File with Handles!

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