Badge Holder Stores Theme Park Season Pass All Summer Long

As the weather starts to warm up, it seems like almost everyone is talking about their summer plans in our office. From exciting vacation plans to summertime BBQs, people seem ready for this time of year.

One colleague, a theme park buff, decided to purchase season passes to his family’s favorite park for the summer. When the tickets came in the mail, he was disappointed by the condition of the passes, especially since they had to last all summer. They were flimsy and made of thin paper material, which he did not anticipate would hold up until Labor Day.

My friend started to think of ways that he could try to preserve the tickets. He looked at laminating them, but was concerned that it might affect the scanning ability of the pass. It was not until he considered C-Line’s line of ID badges that he found a good solution.

C-Line's Zippered Badge Holders, HorizontalThe front side of the badge holder displays the season pass.

The Zippered Badge Holder is what my colleague decided to use. Each member of his family would get their own holder, so they could be responsible for their pass. Keeping them separate would help avoid any confusion as to where someone’s theme park ticket was.

My friend’s favorite part about this product was that it allowed his kids to store their game tickets in the holder. The theme park has an area with carnival rides, and as they win, they are provided with tickets that they can redeem for prizes.

In the past, their tickets have been misplaced or damaged. The badge holder allows them to simply undo the zipper and slide the game tickets inside. Before leaving the park, each child can remove the tickets and select their price.

The badge holder is made up of heavy duty poly material that helps to protect their season passes and game tickets during their time at the park. The zipper seal prevents dirt and moisture from getting into the holder and causing any damage.

At the top of the badge holder, there are three different pre-punched holes that are created for lanyards and card reels to attach to. Storing the holder like this allows the pass to remain visible and makes it easy to take out or add anything to it. The zipper seal becomes even more important if my friend’s family ends up wearing the holder on a lanyard.

Everyone in the office agreed that my coworker had found the perfect place to store the family’s season passes throughout the summer. What is your favorite product from C-Line’s line of ID badges and accessories? Share with us below!

C-Line's Zippered Badge Holders, HorizontalThe tickets won at the carnival ride are stored behind the season pass, which are visible from the back of the badge holder.

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