Badge holders are always on hand for trade shows

At C-Line, we are busy preparing for a few upcoming trade shows. Although it is common that show attendees and vendors are provided with badge holders, extras are also packed with our booth supplies. We just never know if what they provide will work well with what the booth workers wear each day. So to prevent any problems with badges not hanging properly or ruining clothes, we pack extras. That way, everyone can select a different style, should the provided one not work out.

What additional holders do we pack, you may ask?

Clip Style

Like I have said before, the clip holder is the most popular badge we carry. It is because it is so versatile to wear. The clip pivots around the badge, allowing you to hang it in almost any direction. But, if you don’t have a natural seam or break in your attire, such as a shirt pocket or an area the buttons together, this badge can be difficult to wear.

Pin Style

If you are wearing one of those articles of clothing that doesn’t work very well with a clip, the pin is an excellent option. The pin can go through most types of clothing and is guarded so you don’t have to worry about snagging occurring.

Combo Clip/Pin

Don’t know what kind of attachment you’ll want to use from day-to-day? This option gives you the choice to change it up without having to change your badge holder.


This plastic badge holder is great because it won’t mar clothing in anyway. There isn’t a pin to poke a hole in a shirt or a clip to leave a crease.  Because its design, this type of tag works best on clothing with pockets, such as a suit jacket or button down shirt or blouse.

Hanging Badge with Elastic Cord or Bolo Cord

If you want to be able to quickly slip your badge on and off, then the hanging option is the choice for you.  It fits nicely over any shirt with a collar.

Hanging Credentials Wallet

The hanging wallet is great for those long events, where you don’t want to lug around numerous odds and ends across miles (yes, you know it is miles sometimes!) of trade show floors. In addition to holding your name tag, the wallet also has an open back pocket and zippered back pocket to hold extras, like business cards, papers, pens, keys, money and more.

And all badge holders included are 4 x 3 size.  Since that is a standard size, it fits the majority of name tags.  And if smaller badges are handed out, those will also fit in the larger holder without a problem.

Also, here’s a convention tip for all attendees – keep a stash of business cards in the back of your badge holder, behind your name tag. That way, when you happen upon a booth of interest, your contact information is conveniently at your finger tips, to hand to the booth staff.


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