Badge Holders with Clip/Pin combo provide versatility

Badge holders come in handy in all sorts of situations – meetings, conventions, events, in the office, at places of education, pretty much any formal setting where people who do not know one another will be interacting. Since all holders are reusable, why not offer the most versatility for your guests and attendees with the clip/pin combination name badge holder?

The Convenience of the Combo

Clip/Pin Combo Style Name Badge Holders
Badge holders with the clip/pin combo offer convenience and versatility for you and your attendees.

The clear vinyl badge holder features a swiveling clip and a guarded pin to allow greater flexibility in use.  The badge can be attached virtually anywhere it is needed – clipped on a shirt pocket or jacket lapel or pinned to a sweater or blouse.  One further placement option – clipping the badge to a neck lanyard to create a hanging name tag. The badge holders are available in two sizes – 4 x 3 and 3 1/2 x 2 1/4 – providing you with even more options.

Even though the holders come with laser/inkjet insert sheets, don’t forget about the replacement inserts. These allow you to use your plastic badge holder over and over.

By using the clip/pin combo badge, you are eliminating the use of multiple holder types. With so many placement choices, your attendees will have the freedom to display their badge as they choose.

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