Before and After: Colored Edge Heavyweight Poly Sheet Protectors

Sometimes the best way to see how a product can be beneficial is to look at how someone stores files or information before a C-Line product was used. To show how valuable the Colored Edge Heavyweight Poly Sheet Protectors can be, take a look at “Before” and “After” the product was in use.


Currently, some C-Line employees are receiving training development courses and the following image is the view of how one of our staff members organized the pile of notes while trying to keep documents readable.

Instead of a 3-ring binder, the files are stored in a presentation book that has 24 pockets, which means it can only hold up to 48 pages. As you can see, the item does not seem to be able to store all the paperwork. Plus, without tabs it not only makes it difficult to locate documents but also without the extra storage space, the loose-leaf pages can get lost easier.

C-Line's Colored Edge Heavyweight Poly Sheet Protectors Here is where I used the presentation book and clearly ran out of  storage space.


Since the 3-Ring Binder has a larger capacity, more information is being stored and protected. In addition, use the binder with the Colored Edge Heavyweight Poly Sheet Protectors to further organize your documents. The colored edge allows the employee to group information by colors and recognize different chapters of training notes. This method also gives a quicker access to information.  If you run out of sheet protectors, you can always add more.Transfer files with a binder and organize documents with the sheet protectors with ease. Choose the blue color binder to have a more professional look; however, there are other colors to choose from to match your personality.

C-Line's Colored Edge Heavyweight Poly Sheet Protectors One of our co-workers color coordinated her notes with the Color Edge Sheet Protectors.

Tell us what do you think about this organizing idea? What would you do to make it better?

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