Before and After: ID Holders in the Workplace

When it comes to working in manufacturing and other industrial settings, safety is an important aspect to always consider. Promoting a safe work environment requires businesses to examine everything from machinery operations to employees’ attire.

A friend, who works at a local manufacturing plant, recently told me about a switch that his company had made in how their employees displayed their ID badges. In the past, all employees were required to display their name badges around their neck.


The badge holders made sure that the information remained visible at all times. The problem was that the IDs would sometimes get in the way as staff members performed normal duties like cleaning machines, leaning over the production line to check product, etc. The company was concerned that the badge could get caught on something, potentially harming a staff member, so they decided to make a switch.

C-Line's Translucent ID Card Reel, Assorted Pastel ColorsID Card Reels display badges, while also making it easy to swipe the card to gain access to the office building or factory.


Utilizing the ID Card Reel would allow the employees to still display their badge information without hanging it directly from their neck. Instead, the reel would be place on their belt, keeping the ID close to the individual’s body. This eliminates the risk of the badge getting in the way when performing normal tasks. If the ID needs to be swiped, the reel extends up to 30” to make it possible to scan the ID without removing it from the card reel.



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