Before and After: Name Badge Holder Makes Life Easier for School Teachers on Field Trips

As an elementary school teacher, you take on quite a bit of responsibility when dealing with an entire class of children. Field trips can be especially troubling to maintain order and keep track of your students, particularly when there are other schools on the same trip. Fortunately, C-Line has a number of products that offer a solution to this issue.


My cousin, a 3rd grade teacher, said she has struggled in the past to find the most effective way to keep track of her students on field trips. She mentioned identifying students with matching t-shirts, stickers, etc., but none seemed to be satisfactory to her as she found it difficult at times to recognize her class among others. The stickers would lose their adhesiveness as the day progressed and begin falling off students’ shirts. She found that regardless the t-shirt color selected, there was always another school with identical shirt colors.


Horizontal Poly ID Badge HoldersThe Poly ID Badge secured with the Neck Lanyard make for the perfect name tag.

I suggested using C-Line’s Horizontal Poly ID Badge Holders in combination with the Black Breakaway Neck Lanyards with Swivel Hooks. This way each student’s name could be displayed clearly and securely for identification purposes.

She was able to make 4”x 3” name tags for each of her students, which also included their elementary school name. This way, if somehow a child was separated from their class, other visitors can identify them and return the student safely. With holes cut at the top of the badge holder, the lanyard clip was able to easily attach to the badge allowing the kids to display their IDs as a necklace.

C-Line’s Horizontal Poly ID Badge Holders and Black Breakaway Neck Lanyards with Swivel Hooks are the perfect products for the situation described above. They fit comfortably around the neck and present name tags, IDs, and badges. Whether you’re an elementary school teacher on a field trip or business professional at a networking event, these ID Badge Holders are great for displaying your identification.

Let us know in the comments below how you would use C-Line’s Horizontal Poly ID Badges and Black Breakaway Neck Lanyards with Swivel Hooks!

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