Before and After: Proximity Badge Holders

It seems like more and more places are providing an access card in order to allow individuals in and out of a company’s building. My gym, apartment complex and office building are among many other entry cards that I tend to carry on me at all times.

These cards are important and should be protected when they are being stored. They serve an important purpose, allowing you access to buildings, so they should be kept separate from other items like business and gift cards.


Having gathered cards for quite some time, I have begun to acquire a pretty large stack of them, which I store in a small pocket inside my messenger bag. I will often have to replace the cards due to damage or misplacing them. Additionally, it takes me time to flip through all of the cards and locate the one I need

C-Line's Proximity Badge HolderHere I have stored my office and gym access cards inside the 2-3/8″ x 3-1/2″ holders.


Once I went through my stack of cards, I identified which ones were access cards. They were then placed inside a Proximity Badge Holder. This PVC-free poly holder, 2-3/8” x 3-1/2” in size, ensures that entry cards are protected when not in use, while also making them stand out among the other cards.

The design makes it possible to swipe the ID over the access sensor without having to remove it. Additionally, the proximity holder is a tight fit around the ID in order to prevent it from slipping out when you work around the office.

Using this  durable holder will make it easy to identify entry cards inside my messenger bag, while also keeping the cards protected.

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