Before and After: Wooden Name Badge Holder

At the beginning of the year, my brother’s company has a big sales meeting that is hosted at their corporate office. Since many of the reps are coming from different parts of the country, it is helpful to use name badges to help identify who people are.

In the past, the badges have been placed on a table for the reps to pick up before the start of the conference. I suggested that my brother try using the Wooden Name Badge Holder to help keep the badges organized and speed up the time it takes to locate each badge.

C-Line's ID Badge Holder

With over 300 sales reps attending the meeting, it can be hard to keep badges in order. Although they would be set-up in alphabetical order, it never failed that the badges would quickly become disorganized.

C-Line's Wooden Name Badge Holder


Here is organization at its best! The Wooden Name Badge Holder can store up to 40, 4 x 3 name badges at one time. Instead of lying flat, the badges are upright so more can fit on each table. Once it is placed in a slot, it will stand on an angle and remain in order. If everything is organized alphabetically, meeting attendees will have no trouble locating their name.

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