Before and After: Zippered Name Badge Protector

Recently I was speaking to one of my friends, who is a middle school teacher, and she brought up that her students somehow always end up ruining the bathroom pass she makes. She said it either gets crushed or gets damaged by water.

Tired of recreating bathroom passes, I suggested that she checks out C-Line’s Zippered Name Badge Holder, which is resealable and can prevent moisture and dust from getting to the paper bathroom pass. The name badge can fit a maximum size of 3-3/4 in. 2-5/8 in. insert. The best part is that it is prepunched for use with lanyards, strap clips or card reels, which means the students should have no reason to lose the pass. 


C-Line's Zippered Badge HolderBefore: Old bathroom passes that are crumbled and stained. 

The paper bathroom pass can be difficult to keep clean with students’ hand smear marks or water stains. Therefore, causing the teacher to constantly replace the bathroom place. Plus, some students can be forgetful and misplace the pass.


C-Line's Zippered Badge HolderAfter: Use a lanyard or an ID card reel on the Zippered Badge Holder for the new bathroom pass to prevent it from being lost.

With the Zippered Name Badge, water or dirt can be easily wiped off with a napkin or dry cloth, allowing the bathroom pass to be used multiple times and have a longer life span than a paper pass. These durable badges ensure the content inside the pocket to be safe and secure. Have you used the Zippered Name Badge for other purposes? If so, let us know in the comments below or connect with us through Facebook for more tips on

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