Binder Holder Labels Keep Containers Organized

This past weekend, I spent the majority of my time doing major reorganization of my kitchen. My goal was to free up some space by being smarter about how things were stored. One way I planned to accomplish this was by using small rubber containers to store many random items that would otherwise end up floating in a drawer.

I used several containers to store things like medicine, office supplies and extra napkins. Since these items were not typically used on a day-to-day basis, they were able to be stored in the higher shelf of the cabinet.

C-Line's Self-Adhesive Binder LabelsHere is my medicine container with a binder label to help identify it.

The problem with storing them high is that even though the containers were somewhat transparent, it still makes it difficult to tell what was stored in them. I decided to create labels to avoid any confusion.

I thought about using C-Line’s Pressure Sensitive Name Badges, but on the off chance I used the container for something else, I would have trouble relabeling it. Instead, I decided on using Self-Adhesive Binder Labels.

C-Line has five different sizes of labels available, so I don’t have to use the same 1” label for various sizes of containers. The plastic holders are self-adhesive on the back, so once they are removed from the packaging, they can instantly be applied to the storage container.

In order to create the actual label, there are two ways to accomplish this. One is to use the card stock that originally comes with the binder label holders. Hand write or use a label maker and attach it to the insert. The label can slide directly into the holder and the container is already more identifiable.

The second option is to create an electronic label by using C-Line’s template to customize your own. The template allows you to make a label that will fit in the holder. Once it is printed on a letter size document, simply cut to size and slide into the holder.

My primary reasoning for using the binder holders is that if I decide to reuse the containers, I can also create new labels if necessary without any issue. My containers are stored in the cabinet, and I am now able to locate items quicker since they are more identifiable.

Has C-Line come in helpful for any of your at home projects? Share with us your experience below.

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