Binder Ideal Place for Important Life Documents

Emergencies of any kind are an unavoidable part of life that can create chaos for anyone. While no one can predict when they will face this type of situation, I have attempted to prepare for this moment by having vital information and documents in order.

By creating a Life Binder, I have been able to store and organize the most crucial information in one central location.

C-Line's Super Heavyweight Sheet ProtectorThe Super Heavyweight Sheet Protectors provide durable protection of your most valuable documents.

Here is how I have been able to store everything from my birth certificate to life insurance information:

  1. 3-Ring Binder: The first essential item for my Life Binder is obviously a standard three-ring binder. C-Line currently has two different size options, a 1” or 1- 1/2″, to select from. I opted for the larger aqua colored binder because it provided me with additional space in case any information needs to be added in the future.
  2. Sheet Protectors: As you may know, C-Line’s selection of sheet protectors is quite extensive. However, the decision to go with the Super Heavyweight Polypropylene was an easy one. The top loading holder has archival quality protection, which eliminates any photocopy transfer. In addition, it has the heaviest poly material, ensuring the precious documents remain protected.
  3. Index Dividers: To make information even easier to reference, I have been able to split them up into categories based on the contents of the document. By using C-Line’s 5-Tab Poly Index Dividers, I created customized tabs to make the sections more noticeable.
  4. Binder Label: To take the binder’s organization a step further, I used the Self-Adhesive Binder Labels to identify what information is stored in the binder. The label holder fits directly on the binder’s spine, which is helpful for when the binder is stored on a shelf among others.

Using a combination of C-Line’s classic products has allowed me to feel more prepared just in case an emergency was to arise. I have notified close friends and family so that they are aware that any and all important information can be found within this binder.

If anything, creating a Life Binder has made me feel at ease knowing that all significant documents are safely stored in one accessible area.

How have you decided to store these documents? Share with us below!

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