Binder Pocket Stores Scrapbook Supplies in One Place

Giving gifts can sometimes be a stressful process, especially if that particular person is hard to shop for. Recently, a family member celebrated a birthday, and in order to avoid contemplating what to buy, I decided to make a scrapbook. Even though it is more time consuming then purchasing something at a store, I figured it added a personal touch that anyone could appreciate.

Gathering digital and printed photos was the first thing I did. This allowed me to decide how I was going to layout the images throughout the book. It also enabled me to account for the space that would be needed.

C-Line's Binder Pocket with Hook and Loop ClosureTake a look at the color assortment C-Line’s Binder Pockets are available in.

C-Line’s Memory Book collection made life a lot easier for me. I was able to pick from various size sheet protectors to unique Flip Pockets. I took full advantage of this diverse line of products, which helped me ensure that photos and large pages would be protected.

Since there was a time crunch, I found myself bringing the scrapbook and accessories into work so I could continue making progress during lunchtime. After the first day of lugging the book from home to work and back, I was frustrated that some things were forgotten or even got damaged during the commute.

I decided to find a way to keep all the unused images, fun embellishments, die-cuts and other supplies all together to avoid complicating the scrapbooking experience. One of C-Line’s new products ended up being the best option for a storage space.

Binder Pockets make it easy to add and remove pages or other items that are being store there. It has a hook and loop closure so I know that any items stored in the holder will be secured and held in place. Since each pocket has a 1” gusset, they have the ability to expand in order to fit all the supplies I need stored.

The best part is that the Binder Pockets are made pre-punched to allow users to store the pocket in a standard three-ring binder. While scrapbook binders come in a variety of sizes, I fortunately used a traditional letter-size, three-ring binder, which the pockets fit right into.

Because of C-Line’s Binder Pockets, I was able to simply grab the entire binder, instead of carrying numerous bags with scrapbooking supplies. Would either of these products be beneficial as you create scrapbooks in the future? Share with us your experience below!

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