Binder sheet protectors bring order to your papers

I know I am always talking about organization, but I cannot help it! I like to have everything in order and I work for a company that is all about helping you be more organized. So I guess it would go without saying that I would have an opinion on the number one product for organization, which happens to be binder sheet protectors. Yes, it is true, I strongly favor the project folder and document case, while other rely on shop ticket holders, but nothing is as versatile as the page protector.

Remember, this product comes in many sizes, capacity style, weights, materials, finishes, and even colors.

Material – Vinyl or Polypropylene? While both options are durable, poly seems to be the leader in the category for its ability to provide “no photocopy transfer”. However, vinyl page protectors do feature a traditional look and heavy feel.

Finish – There are three main options here – clear, reduced glare and non-glare. Again, this comes down to personal preference, so choose what is best for you.

Sizes – The majority of the sheet protectors are available to hold letter size documents, but we also carry holders that protect legal, A4 and mini half sheet (8 ½ x 5 ½) sized paper.

Capacity – Where to begin with this trait? Yes, most people use the plastic protector for one or two sheets of paper.  However, there are instances where you need to be able to fit a little bit more than that in one holder.  That’s where the capacity factor comes in; available in different styles, including a high capacity poly, super capacity vinyl with tuck-in flap, top load and side load poly with hook and loop flap. These are all great for catalogs, reports, manuals and more.

Weight – This feature really comes down to what you want out of the holders – durability, strength, economy, etc. With weights ranging from super heavyweight to heavyweight to standard weight to economy weight, you will be able to find what you need.

Color – Using color to organize is not a new technique, but the options available are endless.  Color appears in numerous ways through this product line – whole color protectors, colored edges, color tabbed holders. And remember those capacity protectors? They are available in color too!

If my explanation wasn’t enough, check out our binder sheet protector guide.

Yes, I know I am a bit of a Type A personality, but there is nothing wrong with having a little order somewhere in life. And for all the Type B personalities, just because you use sheet protectors (admit it, you do), doesn’t mean you still aren’t your easy-going self.

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