Biodegradable office supplies help the environment while they organize

I’ve always been organized, but now, in a way, I am helping the environment while I do so. To keep my projects and papers in order and still in “tote-able” form, I recently began to use the biodegradable extra large document case (it’s my favorite new product). And for extra organization, I have biodegradable portfolios and reusable envelopes for further divisions within the carrying case.

I like knowing that I can stay organized, whether in the office or at home, with these products. And when I am done using them, I also like knowing that these items won’t leave behind the same waster as their non-biodegradable counterparts. I could rattle off all the features and benefits of the bio product lineup, or you could read our Biodegradable Products FAQs section for more information (trust me, it is better at explaining the process then I am).

bio document case keeps me organized

Here is my biodegradable document case with portfolios and envelopes in it to keep my papers in order.

And what, you may ask, did I do with my old project folders, which were not biodegradable? Well, those are recyclable, where facilities are available, and I just so happen to live in a community that accepts all forms of plastic (#1-7) for recycling. Check with facilities in your area before throwing out that old report cover or expanding file. It is as simple as a phone call to your Village or City Hall or local waste management company.

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