Black-out Security Sheet Protectors – C-Line’s newest invention!

Black-out Security Sheet Protectors
C-Line helps consumers better protect their
information by introducing an opaque, totally black sheet protector – the Black-out Sheet Protector.

Happy April Fool’s!

If you missed our April Fool’s Day Post, here it is:

Capitalizing on the growing trend towards privacy and document security, C-Line has created the ultimate in document storage protection – the Black-out Security Sheet Protector.

In my opinion (and that’s really what this blog is comprised of, isn’t it?), the Black-out Sheet Protector is one of the most innovative office supply items of our time. You will no longer have to worry about co-workers, visitors, etc. getting a “sneak peek” at your papers. In order to read the document inside the protector, one would have to remove the sheet of paper, which should act as a deterrent for any office snoop. If that does not deter them, during the time it takes them to remove the paper and read it you can catch them in their information thievery. If none of that works and they still get what they’re looking for, well, then I believe you may want to try a lock on your binder (C-Line’s Lock-out Binder with built-in pad lock will be available later this year).

The Black-out Sheet Protector will be coming to a store or website near you this spring. Be sure to buy a box and try them for yourselves. Once you do, come back here and let me know how it worked for you.

If you still want even more information about the Black-out Sheet Protector, click here!

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